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Hydrating, moisturizing, sunscreen, trilogy for summer beauty
DateJul.01,2022 by #

Ultraviolet light is the natural enemy of women's skin

In hot summer, the temperature is heated and the sunshine is scorching. If we do not pay attention to skin care, our skin will become rough, and fall into illness such as drying, suntan, spots, skin aging, acne and so on. 

So experts recommend that it’s important to prevent our skin from being burnt by Ultraviolet light and fill our skin with water timely. In the case of our skin craving for water , it is a good choice to use moisturizing lotion, moisturizing cream and essence, the essence molecules, tiny and gentle, can effectively and quickly seep into the dermis of the skin, so that our skin muscle bottom can quickly replenish the water our skin need and then block skin problems caused by skin water shortage. 

Moisturizing cosmetics contain moisturizing ingredients, which can greatly increase skin cuticle moisture, restore the luster and elasticity of our skin.

Scientific skin care products

1. frei öl®

All frei öl® products are regularly tested and proven in clinical trials for their efficacy and kindness to skin. Currently there are over 130 studies relating to our products, which are the result of long-term partnerships with universities, scientific institutions, gynaecologists and dermatologists. 

We carry out studies both in vivo (on human skin) and ex vivo (in test tubes).

frei öl® purposefully leave out any unnecessary, irritating ingredients and develop near-natural products that combine the best that both science and nature have to offer. 

As a brand with a long history in pharmaceuticals, frei öl® specifically combine lots of natural ingredients with synthetic ones. Although frei öl® use as many natural ingredients as possible, though for technical reasons they do sometimes need to use synthetics. 

For example, emulsifying agents are necessary to stabilise creams. Sometimes they specifically choose a synthetic active substance, for example, if it has a better effect than its natural counterpart.  


Whether it's the scorching sun in summer or the heated sunshine in our daily life, Shiseido Anessa always has a perfect product for you. Shiseido Anessa  Sunscreen Lotion for outdoor sports, Shiseido Anessa Shining  Sunscreen Lotion for ordinary outings, Shiseido Anessa Daily Sunscreen Serum for daily UV protection , Shiseido Anessa Daily Sunscreen Serum for face , and Shiseido Anessa special products  sunscreen remover and sunscreen cleansing oil designed for removing sunscreen , 5 types of Anessa products have hit the market.

Ebihara Yuri is a popular model,and also the spokesperson of Shiseido Anessa, Shiseido believes that Yuri's image of health, vitality and unique charm coincides with the brand concept of Shiseido Anessa, she is also recognized and welcomed by Japanese women of all walks of life . Having a natural, bright and radiant skin like Yuri Kazuhara is what all women dreaming about.