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Most Popular Kitchen Appliances 2022
DateMay.31,2022 by #

Kitchen appliances are an essential need in every household – which is why our team at Niche Colour is working extremely hard to expand the kitchen selection in our household appliances category. We want to provide you with all the kitchen essentials you desire from the best brands worldwide !


In the meantime, we're treating you to a fun article highlight, filled with worthy kitchen appliances that you should be eyeing this year! Keep reading and stay up to date on these modern trends and features for your dream kitchen.


1.       Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is the equivalent of having a very capable personal kitchen assistant, minus all the complaining and inefficiency! These machines have evolved beyond just simplistic batter mixing and can now press pasta, stuff sausages, mince meat, and even mill flour – all with the right attachments and accessories! This multi-purpose machine will exceed your expectations and reduce your need for other bulky kitchen gadgets in no time at all!


Fortunately for you, a stand mixer is something we do currently offer at Niche Colour. Check out these high-quality, sleek stand mixers at affordable prices here !


2.      Air Fryer

Have you seen all those amazing fried food recipes trending on TikTok? Their secret? Yup, an air fryer! This machine has become an essential kitchen appliance over the past year because it is so versatile and easy to use. Not only is it less of a hassle to clean compared to a deep stove fryer, but it also allows you to do more than just fry. You can even bake, roast, and grill once you get the hang of it!

3.      Coffee Machine

We have one for all you coffee lovers out there! An at home coffee machine. Not only does this give you the perfect opportunity to experiment with different coffee beans and beverage recipes, but you will also be saving all the money that you usually spend at coffee and cafes. The best part? That coffee machine will look absolutely sleek and stylish on your kitchen counter! Invite your coffee loving friends over for a cup and serve smooth coffee in style.


At Niche Colour we have a range of six different Nespresso machines that you can browse through and consider. Get yours today!


4.      Food Processor

This convenient kitchen appliance is often overlooked, and yet it is capable of cutting your cooking prep time in half! With a range of blades for your processing needs, a food processor can chop up vegetables, nuts, and just about anything you need, in just a couple of minutes!


Is prepping the worst part of cooking for you? Then get a food processor and make cooking life ten times easier for yourself! Browse our handy food processors here !


5.      Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are a lifesaver for anyone who is too busy to prepare a meal on the stove. Just chop everything up, throw it all into the pot with your preferred seasonings, and allow the food to cook and simmer while you go to work or take care of the kids. While the meal might take some time to cook, you will be rewarded with a juicy, flavourful, and delicious home-cooked meal, with only one pot to wash at the end of it! Cooking made easy – what's better than that? 


There you have it folks, 5 must-have kitchen appliances that not only look good in the kitchen but make cooking and cleaning that much easier!


Head on over to our Instagram and let us know which appliance you definitely want and need, or if we missed out on something that you think everyone should have in their kitchen.


Stay tuned for new additions to the kitchen section on our website!

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