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Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Coffee Machine
DateApr.21,2023 by #coffee, machine, capsule, frother, grinding

Everyone loves the experience of waking up to a steaming cup of coffee in the morning; therefore, it should be no surprise that more and more Malaysian homes are installing cutting-edge coffee machines in their kitchens. You will save more money by purchasing a coffee machine since you can prepare all your favourite coffee shop drinks at home, eliminating the need to waste money at pricey cafes. With the correct machine, you can make coffee that tastes the way you like, possibly even better than what you'd get at a coffee shop.

The Varieties of Coffee Machines

1. Drip Coffee Machines
A drip coffee maker is a device that drips water into a heating tube automatically. When the water is hot enough, it is poured over the ground coffee, passes through a filter, and is then served hot.

2. Pump-Driven Espresso Machines  
Espresso makers are generally known as pump coffee machines. Pump machines produce espresso shots by forcing water through densely packed coffee grinds using pressure. When searching for the best coffee maker, consider a pump coffee machine. According to espresso drinkers, espresso brewed with pump machines is excellent. There are now three primary classifications of pump-driven machines: semi-automatic and automatic.

  • · Semi-Automatic: A semi-automatic coffee machine is also known as a piston machine. This is because you have some control over the process. You can select the coffee bean grind size, tamp the ground coffee, and place the filter holder into the machine. The brewing process then proceeds automatically. One of the semi-automatic coffee machines is DeLonghi Pump Espresso Dedica Style EC 685.W, a brand founded in Italy, which is espresso's origin. 

· Automatic: The convenience of automatic coffee machines is paramount. They provide high-quality coffee with minimal fuss. Coffee grinding, milk frothing, and espresso extraction are all accomplished with a single button press. Automatic espresso machines make espresso at the push of a button, but they lack some customization options for your beverage.

3. Capsule Coffee Machines

You can place a coffee capsule inside the capsule machine, close the lid, and then press the extraction button to cause the capsule to spin within a few minutes. This combines the coffee grounds with the water, resulting in an excellent cup topped with a flavourful crema.

Grinding The Coffee Beans

Some coffee makers include a built-in coffee bean grinder that may be set to produce coarse, medium, fine, or extra-fine granules. There are two kinds of coffee grinders:

· Conical Burr Grinders: Coffee beans are crushed and ground between two rings of burrs in a conical grinder. They provide a finer, more consistent grind than traditional blade grinders.

· Blade grinders: A blade grinder is a device that mixes and cuts spices and coffee beans. A propeller-like blade, resembling the edge of a blender or food processor, is located in the centre of the grinder. Although this grinder has more power for quicker grinding, the size of the coffee grounds may vary.


Thermoblock are typically found in super-automatic espresso machines or affordable entry-level espresso machines. In an espresso maker, a thermoblock heats water as it is added from the reservoir.

Pump Pressure

A high-end machine may be able to produce 15 or more bars at the group head. This could accommodate baristas who want to start a shot at 10 or 11 bar before lowering to 9 or 10 bar. A pressure gauge and a facility for regulating the group head pressure are likely to be included in such a machine. The DeLonghi Pump Espresso Icona Vintage ECOV 311.BG, which has a pump pressure of 15 bars, is one of the best Espresso Machine models. 

Milk Frother
Milk that has been aerated to generate a light and foamy texture is known as frothed milk. The perfect milk froth for coffee should be light in texture but solid enough to keep its shape. In some coffee makers, a built-in milk frother or steamer is a metal rod that injects steam into the milk jug. A frothing or steam wand can be purchased separately for machines that do not have a milk frother.