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NICHECOLOUR: Your Global Shopping Partner
DateMay.31,2022 by #

Since the global pandemic began back in 2020, buyers across all demographics, collectively shifted to buying things online. When that shift occurred, the world saw exponential growth in the e-commerce scene. Individuals who were acquainted with the online shopping process well before the pandemic struck, started buying more frequently and in larger amounts. Even those of the older generations, were prompted to try their hand at online shopping . Many experts predict that this change, brought on and accelerated by the pandemic, will be here to stay for the foreseeable future and will continue to shape the way we shop for years to come.


The sudden upswing in online shopping, had contributed to the rise of new problems: backlogged orders and delayed shipments , ultimately leading to unsatisfactory buying experiences. While things got off to a rocky start, once suppliers stepped into the equation the e-commerce scene quickly adapted and truly flourished. One of the leading trends that businesses have observed is that people no longer have brand loyalty. There is no inclination whatsoever to stick to one brand, instead, people tend to give cheaper and more accessible brands, a try. For example, a person could buy shampoo from brand A but buy conditioner from brand B, or strawberry jam from one brand and apricot jam from another. This makes it harder for sellers to purchase from manufacturers, as there is no 'mix and match' option between the multiple brands . Another thing that has been observed is that people who make online purchases these days, expect a seamless and convenient transaction. As there is an abundance of online stores out there, shoppers are simply spoilt for choice. If sellers do not meet to their high-standard expectations, they will turn to the competitor. Therefore, there is a constant need to improve and expand.


NICHECOLOUR has set out to do just that and more! Established back in 2019, NICHECOLOUR was able to adapt and thrive during the peak of the pandemic, simply because we understood consumer demands and how to meet their expectations. We now warehouse over 100 reputable and safe brands for our global shoppers, and we actively continue monitoring consumer trends to make better and smarter decisions. Our online site currently has four main shopping categories: New , Beauty , Household Appliances , and Electronics . With us, shoppers can buy without doubt or worry because we play our part in ensuring that everything available on our sites are safe for use, sourced directly from the different brands, and are 100% authentic! As the importance of skincare has gradually increased during the pandemic , our Beauty section carries varied and well-known brands such as Aveeno, Caudalíe, First Aid Beauty, and more, to bring you high quality and original products. We at NICHECOLOUR also pride ourselves in providing the best customer service experience, by hiring professional customer service agents to attend to all customer enquiries along the way. We believe in making the customer's journey as convenient and pleasant as possible, building brand trust and reliability – so that our shoppers choose us, and keep choosing us.   


In need of a pleasant online shopping experience? Check us out here: https://nichecolour.my

You won't be disappointed!